IDEAL offers a GLOBAL SOLUTION to its Customers, from the medical strategy up to the hospital operations.

Medical Strategy

  • Needs assessment
  • Public health program
  • Regional studies
  • Sanitary maps
  • Healthcare planning
  • Hospitals master plans
  • Benchmarking
  • Goals, priorities and phases definition
  • Activities forecast
  • Hospital reengineering
  • Fusions
  • Certification
  • Training

Feasibility and Technical Studies

  • Definition of needs and identification of constraints
  • Analysis of alternative solutions
  • Conformity
  • Pre-programming of infrastructures
  • Capacity program (number of beds), and impact on medical technology and staffing
  • Functional plan
  • Work-flow definition
  • Patient-flow optimization
  • Working environment and ergonomics
  • Circulation principles
  • Bases for functional architecture
  • Detailled Technical Plan
  • Infrastructure and room datasheets
  • Budget assessment


  • Profitability studies
  • Business plans
  • Financial arrangements with banks and international organizations

Architecture and Construction

  • Our staff works closely with architects. When possible, we collaborate with our partners in hospital architecture but we may also collaborate with the customer's architect if any, provided he has experience in hospital projects (Illustration A26).
  • We have no limitations in the selection of construction partners.   We may work with French groups like Vinci, Bouygues as well as with international contractors provided they have serious experience in hospital projects

Equipment and Logistics

  • Biomedical Engineering (Bill Of Quantities, Room By Room, Technical Specifications)
  • Pre-installation and Interoperability Studies
  • Procurement Programming
  • Purchase Scheduling and Management
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Storage, Transportation, Insurance, and Delivery Coordination
  • Supply follow up

Installation and Startup

  • Site Preparation
  • Tools availability and Resources Management
  • Control and Coordination of Installations
  • Reception
  • Equipment Integration and Interoperability
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Startup assistance

Training and Setup of Management Tools

  • Training for End Users and for Technical Staff
  • Transfer of know-how
  • On-site training
  • Abroad training
  • Definition of Management and Development of management assistance systems


  • Warranty
  • Maintenance and after-sale Services for hospital equipment.
  • Service contract management

Human Resources and Procedures

  • Staffing : Recruitment and Training of Medical, Administrative and Technical Staff
  • Definition and Implementation of Management Systems
  • Definition and implementation of Hospital Procedures
  • National Regulations and Authorizations
  • Audits

Operations and Management

  • Administration Management
  • Nursing Management
  • Medical Management
  • Quality Program
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Vocational Training


We provide experts in Health management, all of whom have gained an extensive hands-on experience in the field. We guide you in the choice of Solutions, we help in defining, prioritizing and implementing Projects, and we assist in negotiations with Partners and Public Sector Authorities.
Our thorough knowledge enables us to:

  • Develop medical Projects and Healthcare initiatives
  • Audit Operations (hospital pharmacies, operating theatres etc.)
  • Manage the reorganization of Healthcare facilities in the Public and Private Sectors
  • Guide Hospitals and Clinics in their Quality Assurance procedures and coach them for the Certification
  • Propose Solutions for reorganizing Healthcare at Macro (national and regional) and Micro (district or municipality) levels • Implement Public Health Programs to control communicable or non-communicable diseases
  • Set up an overall risk assessment and management system tailored to each establishment

As a Training organization, we also offer In-House training, Open Courses, Health Forum, and professional Seminars, described in our Catalogue, which can also be designed to fit specific needs.

In France – mainland and overseas territories - we assist Hospitals, Clinics, Clinics Networks, ARHs, and all other actors in the Health and Medico-Socio sectors in developing and implementing their Projects.
At the International level, we provide technical assistance to Governments, to Multilateral and Bilateral International Agencies, and to Private Clients, in designing and implementing their Health initiatives.

Our Principles built on proven Methods :

  • Guaranteed independence and complete impartiality during the entire consultancy process
  • Absolute confidentiality with respect to all information, and strict compliance with the ethical code of the consulting industry
  • Emphasis on well-defined recommendations and guidance throughout the entire implementation process