The fundamentals of our GROUP


We consider the Medical Equipment as a complete and integrated system, and it is our duty to ensure the Consistency of this system in three areas of work :

  • Medical consistency : we ensure the Equipment meets or exceeds the clinical requirements and the end users expectations.
  • Structural consistency : we ensure the Equipment fits within its immediate physical environment (construction, site, power and grounding, medical gases, national regulation, etc.).
  • Consistency of the system itself : we ensure compatibility, connectivity and interoperability of the equipment with each other.


By offering integrated services, we are responsible for :

  • the site preparation prior to the equipment delivery.
  • the complete delivery and installation of the equipment.
  • the on-site coordination with the Facility Manager, your staff and the local providers.
  • the coordination of the training sessions for the end users and for the technical team.
  • the follow-up of the maintenance work during the warranty period.
  • the service contracts Management.
You make the most of our integrated solution :
  • with one single contract to manage.
  • with our project manager available on-site.
  • with all equipment being delivered, installed and commissioned at the same time.
  • with the transfer of knowledge to your staff.
  • with a significantly reduced completion time for your Project.


Working with all the major suppliers, IDEAL has no commitment with manufacturers, and is therefore INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL in choosing the best approach for each situation.
IDEAL has been committed to the Health Sector for years, and benefits from a skilful network of well established, recognised and respected partners, all leaders in their respective fields of activity.
For each Project, we select partners who bring a shared vision of excellence in healthcare solution, placing the clinical staff and patients at the heart of the workflow.


IDEAL is totally independent from suppliers, which allows an impartial definition of solutions, truly adapted to the needs, for all Services we offer.
By selecting IDEAL as partner, our customers are ensured of working with the most capable suppliers and products available on the market today.


Absolute confidentiality with respect to all information, and strict compliance with the ethical code of the consulting industry code of ethics