• We serve our Customers with efficient, quick, and knowledgeable answers. Together, we identify your needs, expectations and constraints.
  • We develop optimised Solutions clearly expressed and easily actionable.
  • We activate our wide network of specialists, and design the optimal solution to maximise the value of each investment.
  • We provide accurate and impartial Information to document our choices and to support the decision making.
  • We combine People and Technologies to enhance the patient-flow and to simplify the work-flow. The health of your patients, the quality of care, and the well-being of your staff will remain our first considerations.
  • We bring together a broad range of Products and Services, in the most convenient and ingenious way for our Customers.
  • We mitigate Risks and Constraints to wisely build a serene future on solid bases.


For your peace of mind and for the ultimate benefit of the patients.



A word from the Directors

«Healthcare is a common good that every country must provide to its population, in the best quality conditions. Healthcare bears the image of the national public service and constitutes a strong bond between the population and the State.

The evolution of the ‘western’ countries leads to rationalising the use of resources under the economic pressure; this compels our consultants to develop and implement new skills that would allow the development of quality practices while adjusting the deployed resources.

Our experience with interventions in emerging countries allows us to share with our international customers this know-how extracted from the French Healthcare system, and to transfer French skills and expertise to foreign countries.

IDEAL helps you with the conception, engineering and realisation of your project.»