Working with all the major suppliers and their local agents, IMPE has no commitment with manufacturers, and is therefore INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL in choosing the best approach for each situation.

IDEAL has been committed to the Health Sector for years, and benefits from a skilful network of well established, recognized and respected partners, all leaders in their respective fields of activity.

For each Project, we select partners who bring a shared vision of excellence in healthcare solution, placing the clinical staff and patients at the heart of the workflow.

By selecting IDEAL as partner, our customers are ensured of working with the most capable suppliers and products available on the market today.

Cooperation Agreement between Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Marseille and IDEAL

This collaboration aims to develop on the international scene the numerous opportunities managed by our two groups, and to export a renowned know-how :

  • project development and technical cooperation.
  • strategic planning.
  • training for medical and non-medical staff.
  • provision of expertise and on-site medical staff.
  • consulting.
  • feasibility studies.
  • engineering.
  • building works.
  • equipment supply.
  • management.
  • building and quipement maintenance.
  • set-up of medical, scientific, and technical cooperation networks.

AP-HM, IDEAL and its affiliate IRIS Conseil Santé contribute in optimizing the technical means and in developing the human resources to improve your healthcare systems.


Based in Tunis, WMD International cooperates with IDEAL on various medical projects. Composed of biomedical engineers, technicians and nurses, WMD International represent an ideal support for the development and the execution of medical projects in North African countries. For any project, WMD International mobilizes its skills and resources to serve the Customer and to fully satisfy him.

Technical management of medical equipment:

  • Global or partial outsourcing of park equipment
  • Provision of an engineer / biomedical technician at your premises
  • Inventory of medical equipment
  • Development and programming of maintenance planning and quality control equipment
  • Preventive and curative maintenance of medical equipment
  • Implementation of CMMS within your structure or outsourcing for better traceability of interventions and better management of equipment
  • Training and support of the Biomedical staff on the use of CMMS
  • Training of the Biomedical staff at Maintenance Level I, submission of maintenance procedure.
  • Service Contract Management

Biomedical Engineering:

  • Audit and support for your renovation and reorganisation of the medical department.
  • Management consulting and creative programming 
  • Preliminary studies (Bill Of Quantities, Room By Room, Technical Specifications, drawings)
  • Pre-installation and Interoperability Studies
  • Procurement Programming
  • Purchase Scheduling and ManagementSupply follow up
  • Training of Medical teams on the use of equipment
  • Warranty and After Sales Services