2015 Charles PETITOT is appointed General Director of IRIS CONSEIL SANTE
2014 Cooperation agreement between IMPE and AP-HM
2013 IMPE and IRIS move into their new facility in Courbevoie (Paris La Défense)
2012 Thomas FERNANDEZ becomes the President of the IMPE Group
2011 The Arab Spring cause many delays in MEA projects
2009 Opening of an office in Benghazi to manage the Benghazi Medical Center Project
2008 Ideal Medical Products becomes Ideal Medical Products Engineering
2007 Takeover of SCIENT'X by U.S. investment fund Healthpoint. I.M.P. quotation in stock exchange is suspended.
2005 Increase from 73,58 to 94.19% of SCIENT'X participation in SURGIVIEW.
2002 A reinforcement of Ideal Medical Products skills in the fields of medical structure consultancy, strategy and organisation thanks to the acquisition of IRIS CONSEIL SANTE.
2000 The company further establishes its presence in Asia by opening the Malaysian office Ideal Medical Products SEA Sdn Bhd.
Acquisition of 50% of the company G.P.F (Gaz Purs & Fluides).
1997 The company is transferred onto the Second Stock Exchange Market.
1995 The company enters the Stock Exchange on the unofficial market. It is renamed Ideal Medical Products. It then furthers its development in Europe by opening the Greek office. SCIENT'X, a company specialised in the study, design and distribution of implantable prostheses made of titanium for orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery, joins the group.
1992 The company branches out thanks to the acquisition of CETI, a Belgian company that designs and markets imaging systems for laboratories.
Well established in Eastern Europe and Russia, the company confirms its position by opening its own Russian office: Zao Ideal Products.
1987 13 January 1987, Ideal Products was founded, a company that designs, studies and implements medical projects.


Annual Turnover (consolidated)

2012 9.6 M EUR
2013 47.4 M EUR
2014 33 M EUR



Human Resources

  Category of specialisation Permanent
IMPE Architects and Program planners 4
  Biomedical Engineers (Project managers) 12
  IT Manager 1
  Site Managers 2
  Finance and Accounting 2
  Logistics 1
  Management 2
  Sales/Marketing experts 5
  Secretaries or Assistants 2
IRIS Permanent Staff 10
  Exclusive Consultants (Physicians, Nurses) 15
  International Experts 10
GPF Management and Administration 8
  Technical Department 20